about us

About Us

United Engineering Group (UEG) was established in 1999 by principals Scott Lenz and Christopher Lenz. Through sound management, quality control, and consistent customer service, the company has grown multi-dimensionally in breadth of services, client base, and geographic service areas. The magnitude of projects has grown from a limited number within the Phoenix metro area to several hundred projects spread across the United States.

Along the way, UEG evolved into a full-scale civil engineering and development services company with the ability to offer conventional civil engineering and land surveying services, as well as planning, geographic information systems (GIS), and a host of other development consulting services. As a result, UEG is now in a flexible position to serve clients that need a fully integrated development services approach, as well as clients looking for a more traditional engineering consulting scope.

An embedded entrepreneurial culture has allowed UEG to rapidly grow since 1999 from a small start-up firm to its current structure which includes a full staff of project managers, engineers, designers, CAD technicians, GIS analysts, development professionals, and land surveyors. This same entrepreneurial force fueled the expansion of operations from the company’s original Arizona market into the Southern California market, and then into major markets across the United States. From current office locations in the Phoenix and Los Angeles, UEG is in position to proactively support development and engineering projects that emerge in the adjacent and peripheral regional areas. 

"United Engineering Group was founded on the belief that the best engineering practices must be joined with an aggressive and creative approach to problem solving. An unwavering commitment to that founding principle enables our clients to maximize the return on their investment – typically driven by time and money."

- Scott Lenz, Principal

With an aggressive approach to problem solving, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the acknowledgment that our primary purpose is to service our clients, the key fundamentals are in place to position United Engineering Group for continued growth.