United Engineering Group (UEG) is a professional civil engineering and development consulting company specializing in all aspects of land development for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, as well as infrastructure related improvements for the public sector. With offices and networks established in high growth metro areas in the West, Southwest, and Southern regions of the United States, UEG is well positioned to serve the needs of our existing and expanding client base.



UEG has executed work on a vast array of projects ranging in size, duration, and scope, located in multiple geographical areas, and over a diverse client base. From West Coast to East Coast, from developer to homebuilder, UEG has a track record of providing quality professional engineering and land development consulting services. The illustrated portfolio exemplifies the projects that UEG has delivered on.

feature Project
To offer a comprehensive look into the breadth of services that UEG can provide, a project has been singled out from the company project portfolio for a more in-depth review and illustration. The featured project demonstrates UEG’s ability to provide fully integrated engineering and development services initiating with the acquisition phase through the final property disposition phase.
UEG makes a concerted effort to keep in touch with the pulse of the dynamic real estate market, development community, and engineering industry. Maintaining this knowledge enables UEG to provide sound guidance to our clients and responsive development and business strategy decisions. Stay informed by viewing relevant industry and company news and announcements.